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Saint Benedict of Norcia founded the ancient Monastery of Montecassino in 529 AD and the order of  the Benedictines.  

The Abbey was built on the ancient ruins of a Roman fortification, and became renowned through the ages as a place of great holiness, culture and art.

The drive up to the monastery is via a steep, tortuous road that steadily winds its way up to the summit.  There are splendid views of the town of Cassino below and of the surrounding area.  

Halfway up to the Abbey you will see the fortress of  Rocca Janula (10th century) constructed by the Abbot Aligerno to defend the Abbey.

St Benedict Montecassino Montecassino Cassino Montecassino Cassino Montecassino Cassino Frosinone Montecassino Abbey Montecassino View of Cassino Below

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